Upper Body Dorm Room Circuit to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

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Upper Body Dorm Room Circuit to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

Simply getting a good workout in during your college years can be difficult. Packed schedules, small living spaces and crowded gyms make it seem pretty much impossible! But fear not, with just a chair and a backpack you can do killer workouts that will help you build muscle, boost your metabolism, burn tons of calories and beat the Freshman 15!

I’ve compiled 5 great upper body exercises into an upper body circuit that you can do in your dorm room. You’ll want some extra books to stuff your backpack with to use in some of the exercises.

Here’s the video:

You’ll be doing the circuit 3-5 times with 1-2 minutes rest in between.

Here are some tips you can use for each exercise:

Backpack Rows: Keep a neutral spine and a tight core throughout the movement and pull using your back muscles rather than just your biceps.

Chair Dips: Use your legs to help yourself up on each rep if it gets too difficult. Make sure to push up using your triceps and don’t go lower than a 90 degree angle at your elbows on the way down.

Incline Chair Pushups: Focus on keeping a neutral spine and don’t flare your elbows out when performing the pushup, instead angle your elbows more towards your body.

Backpack Bicep Curls: Keep a straight back and don’t swing throughout the movement. Keep your elbows locked at your side and bring the bag up towards your chest using your biceps.

Shoulder Raises: Keep your arms straight throughout the movement, and try not to swing your body. You’ll be using your anterior (front) deltoids for this movement.

I’d recommend doing this workout 2-3 times a week. However, you should also be doing this workout with lower body workouts to ensure your training and developing your whole body. I’ll be uploading a lower body workout soon which you can use in collaboration with this.