2021‘s 5 Best Egg White Protein Powders

Best Egg White Protein Powders

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Protein PowderIngredientsExtrasRatingPrice
Bulk Supplements Egg White Paleo Protein PowderEgg whitesNone4.1$

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Jay Robb Egg White Protein PowderEgg whites, emulsifier, flavors, non-calorie sweetenersNone4.2$$$$

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Julian Bakery Paleo Thin Protein Egg White PowderEgg whites, emulsifier, flavors, non-calorie sweetenersProbiotics3.9$$$

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MRM Natural Egg White ProteinEgg whites, emulsifier, flavors, non-calorie sweetenersDigestive enzymes4.4$$$

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Anthony's Egg White PowderEgg whitesNone3.9$

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“When I was a lad I ate four dozen eggs
Ev’ry morning to help me get large
And now that I’m grown I eat five dozen eggs
So I’m roughly the size of a barge!”

What a guy, that Gaston!

That song may be a bit silly, but it has the egg part right.

If you want biceps to spare, you need to eat your protein. And eggs are a great source of protein!

As I’ve talked about before, eggs are a delicious and nutritious way to get good amounts of high-quality protein without too many calories.

However, it can be hard to reach your protein goals by dumping eggs down your gullet. They’re very filling and slow-digesting, so eggs aren’t as good an after-workout snack as is whey protein.

Or are they?

Have you considered egg white protein?

What is Egg White Protein?

The edible parts of eggs are split into two parts: The yolk and the albumen.what is egg white protein albumen shell yolk parts

The yolk is that yellow bit. I like mine a bit runny.

The albumen is also called the egg white. No, egg whites are not the shell!

Egg whites are mostly water (about 90%) and the rest of the white is protein. Unlike yolks, there is almost no fat or carbs.

Most of the egg’s protein is locked up in the egg whites. The yolk has a monopoly on micronutrients, though.

However, this high-protein, low-fat quality of egg whites makes them a great alternative to whey protein when turned into a powder.

How is Egg White Protein Made?

Since egg whites are about 10% protein, you need to get rid of a lot of water in order to turn them into powder.

The first step is, of course, to remove the shell and the yolk. You don’t want those bits contaminating your egg whites!

Then, you need to dry out the egg whites. This often includes baking.

Once they’re dried, you grind ’em up and you have egg white protein powder!

Commercial egg white protein production often involves pasteurization to kill off any Salmonella bacteria. They also sometimes add lecithin, which helps the powder dissolve easier in water.

Egg White Protein Powder Recipe

Did you know you can make egg protein powder at home? You don’t need much equipment to do it, either!


Hamilton Beach food processor for vegetables eggs make your own protein powder recipe

A food processor should be able to grind up the eggs more finely than a coffee grinder, which will make the protein powder work better as a shake


  • 1 dozen eggs


  • Preheat the oven as low as it’ll go, below 150 Fahrenheit
  • Hard boil the eggs (you can find out how I like to do that here)
  • Peel the shell
  • Remove the yolks (if desired)
  • Break apart cooked egg whites and place on foil-lined baking sheet
  • Bake for 8 hours, give or take 2 hours
  • Once crispy, remove from oven and let cool
  • Grind or process into a powder
  • Store in your fridge

That’s it!

You can keep the yolks in for more fats and micronutrients, or leave them out for a more traditional and lower-calorie protein supplement.

Egg White Protein vs Whey Protein

antique strongman ate eggs to grow muscles get stronger

Underwear technology has thankfully progressed since then, though I feel mustache culture has regressed

Whey protein is the current king of protein supplements, but egg white protein is better for some people.

It didn’t use to be this way; the strongmen of old grew their muscles on many eggs. That was before industrial whey production came around and made whey cheaper than eggs for each gram of protein, though.

To see which of these protein powders will help you, check out the following similarities and differences.


  • Both whey and egg whites are high in protein and low in calories.
  • They’re both water-soluble powders.
  • Your body can digest both quickly.


  • Egg whites are fat-free while whey concentrate contains some fat.
  • Whey protein is known to increase satiety slightly better than egg white protein, though pea protein outperformed them both.
  • Lactose intolerance is fairly common while egg allergies are less common.
  • Whey protein supplementation positively affects body composition, while in this study, egg white protein supplementation was only as effective as a similar level of carbohydrate supplementation.

Now, I will point out that the last study linked didn’t supplement its test subjects with as much protein as in similar studies, so it’s possible that egg white protein may be as beneficial as whey at larger supplementation levels.

That study even admits such: “Thus, longer studies and/or higher protein intakes may be needed to observe the effects of these changes in protein metabolites on measures of body composition or strength.”

So, unlike some gym bros I’ve seen, I won’t discount egg white protein entirely based on one study.

Which Protein Should You Use?Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein Isolate vs Egg White Protein Powder

Based on the above similarities and differences, here’s some advice on which protein to use:

  • If you’re lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy, use egg white protein or a plant-based protein.
  • If you have an egg allergy, avoid egg white protein!
  • If your goal is weight loss, use whey protein for its better satiety.
  • If you have trouble consuming enough protein, use egg white powder.
  • If none of those matter to you, then use whichever is cheaper or tastes better to you!

Best Egg White Protein Powders

Bulk Supplements Egg White Paleo Protein Powder – Best Pure Egg White Protein

Ingredientsbulk supplements clean pure egg white protein without additives

  • Egg white protein

See full ingredients


What if you want JUST egg white protein?

Albumen and nothing else. Not even lecithin!

Then you want Bulk Supplements Egg White Paleo Protein Powder. It’s not just a protein supplement; you can also reconstitute the powder to make egg whites for cooking!

However, though the powder is water-soluble, it still takes effort to mix into a smooth shake. You practically need a blender, not just a blender bottle.

And some people don’t like the eggy taste that happens when you drink it in water alone. That taste disappears when you mix it with other ingredients, though.


  • Nothin’ but egg whites


  • Mixes poorly
  • Odd taste when drunk alone


Bulk Supplements Egg White Paleo Protein Powder is just albumen protein, nothing more, which makes it versatile for cooking and protein supplementation yet can be unpleasant when consumed by itself.

Jay Robb Egg White Protein Powder – Best Tasting Egg White Protein

IngredientsJay Robb best tasting most delicious egg white protein powder flavors

  • Egg white protein
  • Sunflower lecithin
  • Natural flavors
  • Stevia and xylitol

See full ingredients


Jay Robb claims that his egg white protein powder is the best tasting protein powder on the planet.

Now, I’ve made some pretty kick-butt-tasting protein powders by mixing a few flavors, so I’m not sure I agree. He’s also up against some pretty strong contenders.

However, Jay Robb’s Egg White Protein does taste great!

It’s available in chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or unflavored.

All of them contain albumen protein and lecithin, so it mixes well. The flavored versions add natural flavors along with Stevia and Xylitol as sweeteners.


  • Tastes great


  • Annoying packaging that doesn’t like to stay closed
  • Not everyone likes Stevia and Xylitol


Jay Robb’s Egg White Protein Powder is the best-tasting albumen protein supplement, but only if you like Stevia.

Julian Bakery Paleo Thin Protein Egg White Powder – Healthiest Egg White Protein

IngredientsJulian Bakery Paleo Thin egg white protein powder sugar free health shake

  • Egg white protein
  • Sunflower lecithin
  • Natural flavor
  • Monk fruit
  • Probiotics

See full ingredients


Julian Bakery’s Paleo Protein Powder is similar to Jay Robb’s, with three differences.

The first is the sweetener they use. Instead of Stevia and Xylitol, Julian Bakery uses Luo Han Gao, also known as Monkfruit.

Second, instead of three flavors and one unflavored version, you have a dozen varieties to choose from. Blueberry tart? Pumpkin pie? Sure!

Third, Julian Bakery’s egg white protein contains a probiotic strain to help keep your gut healthy.


  • Monkfruit instead of Stevia or Xylitol
  • Probiotics
  • Wide variety of flavors


  • Expensive
  • Too sweet for some tastes


Julian Bakery’s Paleo Thin Protein Egg White Powder is likely the healthiest for you, but it’s also the most expensive.

MRM Natural Egg White Protein – Best Paleo Egg White Protein

IngredientsMRM natural egg white protein paleo powder for people with dairy allergies

  • Egg white protein
  • Sunflower lecithin
  • Natural flavor
  • Stevia and Monkfruit
  • Digestive enzymes

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MRM Natural Egg White Protein is not only paleo-friendly, like many egg white proteins, but also has an additional kicker the others lack:

Digestive enzymes.

Bromelain, peptidase, and protease work with your stomach to ensure all of the protein is broken down so your body can maximize absorption.

Taken mixed with other protein powders or with a meal and you’ll see even more benefit from those enzymes.

Also, it contains high-quality egg albumen protein and sunflower lecithin for easy mixing. Though, it is sweetened with Stevia, which some people find unpleasant.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to go with another brand if you want unflavored egg white protein. MRM only offers theirs in chocolate or vanilla.


  • Digestive enzymes for maximum absorption


  • Stevia doesn’t mesh with everybody’s tastebuds


MRM’s Natural Egg White Protein is the easiest-to-digest of all egg white protein powders.

Anthony’s Egg White Powder – Best Cheap Egg White Protein

IngredientsAnthony's egg white powder substitute supplement baking cooking smoothies

  • Egg white protein

See full ingredients


There are some really good egg white proteins out there, but they all tend to be on the more expensive side.

Whey protein typically has the lead in price. There are some egg white protein powders that come close, though, such as Anthony’s Egg White Powder.

This protein powder isn’t specifically for protein supplementation, as it lacks any emulsifiers and is marketed as a dry egg white replacement.

Sure, you can use warm water to reconstitute this powder for baking.

Or, you can mix it up with another protein powder and get that protein boost.

It tastes like egg whites because, well, that’s all it is. But if you toss it in with another protein shake, you’ll get the benefits of egg white protein without having to break into your piggy bank!


  • Inexpensive
  • Nothing but egg white protein


  • Tastes like funny eggs
  • Won’t mix well by itself


Anthony’s Egg White Powder is a good protein supplement when mixed with other protein powders, but I wouldn’t drink it alone unless you like drinking eggs already.


While I often recommend whey protein powder to help people reach their fitness goals, it’s not the only protein powder out there.

can should you drink raw egg whites yolks for fitness weight loss

Drink up!

Egg white protein is an effective and economical alternative to whey protein.

It is more limited, though; losing the yolk removes some of its satiating ability, so it’s not as good for weight loss as some protein powders or even whole eggs.

However, egg white protein is still a great choice for many people.

Go ahead, drink up your eggs. Modern albumen protein powder is much better tasting than half a dozen raw eggs!


Is egg white protein good for weight loss?

While any source of protein can be beneficial for healthily losing weight, egg whites themselves are not the best.

Either use whey protein or whole eggs, because both of those will make you feel more full than egg whites alone.

Is egg white protein powder healthy?

egg white protein powder good for baking add warm water to reconstitute

Reconstituted egg whites


Egg albumen is a good source of high-quality protein.

Now, some people may be concerned about avidin, which is a protein that binds to biotin and prevents its absorption by your body.

If you eat lots of raw egg whites without yolks, then this may cause a problem.

However, heating denatures avidin, and egg white protein powders are heated. You don’t have to worry about a biotin deficiency when using egg white protein supplements.

What is egg white powder made of?

Egg white protein powder is made from dehydrated and powdered egg albumen.

Some companies selling commercial powders add more ingredients, such as flavoring agents, sweeteners, and preservatives. You’ll have to look at the ingredient list to see what, exactly, is in your egg white powder.

Is egg white protein slow digesting?


Whole eggs are slowly digested, but that’s because of the fats in the yolk. When you remove the yolk, you also remove the bits which slow down your digestion.

Does egg white protein powder have any side effects?

Raw egg whites can lower your biotin levels and may be contaminated with salmonella.

However, you won’t experience these problems with properly cooked or pasteurized egg white protein powder.

Unless you’re allergic to eggs, the worst side effect you’ll experience is wanting to sing about being the size of a barge!

Naked Egg – Best Discontinued Egg White Protein

IngredientsNaked Nutrition Egg white proteim powder coconut sugar best tasting discontinued

  • Egg white protein
  • Sunflower lecithin
  • Cocoa or vanilla
  • Coconut sugar

See full ingredients


I just learned that Naked Nutrition is discontinuing this protein powder, which makes me sad, because it’s my favorite. Still, if you manage to find some before the supply dries up…

Naked Egg protein powder is well-named.

The unflavored version has two ingredients: egg white protein and sunflower lecithin.

The flavored versions add two ingredients: cocoa or vanilla, and coconut sugar.

Even other paleo-friendly powders on this list add nebulous “natural flavors” to their flavored protein. Naked Egg? It’s just a Less Naked Egg; you still know everything in it!

They also use non-GMO eggs from American farms, processed within 24 hours to prevent nutrient degradation.


  • Best quality ingredients


  • Expensive


To get healthy, you need to consume healthy ingredients. Naked Egg is/was made from the best stuff. Buy it up while you can!