Mr Hyde Pre Workout Review

Mr Hyde Pre Workout Review

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Mr. Hyde Pre Workout Supplement




Quality of Ingredients





  • Provides much energy
  • Improves your workouts and your mood
  • More effective ingredients than other pre-workout supplements
  • Surprisingly inexpensive


  • Contains potentially too much caffeine
  • Yohimbe makes me cautious
  • Funky taste


Long ago, a fella named Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a novella called The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

The Jekyll guy was mild-mannered but, after drinking a potion, turned into Mr. Hyde, who was a monster of a man.

Monsters tend to be strong. And what’s the goal of weightlifting?


The Mr. Hyde pre-workout by Pro Supps aims to give you the strength of a monster without the whole terrorizing-London bit.

But is it as good as Dr. Jekyll’s potions? What’s in the darn thing? And should you use it?

What is Mr Hyde Supposed to Do?

Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde Transformation Pre Workout Classic

Don’t worry, it won’t actually transform you into a monster!

Mr. Hyde is a pre-workout powder and energy drink.

Pro Supps claims that the drink gives you four benefits: strength, energy, focus, and pumps.

Every bit of additional strength lets you hit your workout a little bit more. Smash through those reps and break your personal record!

The strength boost can also help you increase your gains. That’s because it lets you exercise harder without overtraining.

You’ll need it to take advantage of all of your extra energy after taking a dose of Mr. Hyde.

Does the thought of working out make you tired?Pro Supps pre workout powder supplement mr hyde nitrox

Not with all of this extra energy!

Now, when I’m full of energy, I tend to get a bit distractable. I want to do all of it, not just one thing.

Pro Supps claims that Mr. Hyde will increase your focus as well.

Phone? Television? Gym crush?

Move aside, you have a workout to do!

And finally, the ingredients increase blood flow, thereby increasing the pump you get from working out.

That pump is when you feel bigger and look bigger in the mirror. It’s a sign that blood is flowing around, clearing out lactic acid and filling your muscles with nutrients.

This helps both your workout and recovery.

It’s also a strong ego booster.

But what are those ingredients, anyway?

What’s in Mr Hyde?Mr hyde preworkout ingredients nitrosigine teacrine gaba caffeine

So, there are actually two Mr. Hyde pre-workout supplements out right now.

There’s the old Mr. Hyde, and there’s the new Mr. Hyde NitroX.

Most of the ingredients are the same, but the new NitroX has a different blend and people seem to like it better.

So, let’s look at that one.

The ingredients are split into three categories, depending on what they do.

Each category, or what they call a matrix, contains ingredients that work together.

Strength Matrix

These ingredients are all there to increase your muscle’s ability to exert force.

You’ll get most of the strength and pump from these ingredients.

Not only do these ingredients increase blood flow, but they also increase cardiovascular and renal function!

We’ve covered most of the ingredients before (find that here), except for arginine silicate.

That one is also known as Nitrosigine and is where the NitroX term comes from.

You see, nitric oxide is important for blood flow and other muscle-y duties. But it’s notoriously hard to supplement, despite many claims otherwise.

Arginine silicate is a way to get nitric oxide into your body so you can get the full benefit.

Pro Supps Pre Workout Old Formula Ingredients CarnoSyne Agmapure NO3-T

These are the ingredients in the older formulation

And that can include strengthening your heart. It can also lower your heart rate, which can counteract a negative effect from the following matrix.

Caffeine Matrix

  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Di-Caffeine Malate
  • Citric Acid mixed with Caffeine Anhydrous

Most of the energy boost comes from here.

C’mon, it’s caffeine, caffeine, and caffeine. Over 400 mg of the stuff.

If that doesn’t get you buzzing, you should see a doctor. Or a mortician.

Intensity Matrix

  • Choline Bitartrate
  • Theacrine
  • L-Theanine
  • N-Acetyl Tyrosine
  • Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid
  • Yohimbe Bark Extract

The bits in here are there to give you focus and to provide energy, but in a less-jittery way than caffeine.

They will also help you feel good about your workout.

In fact, theacrine (also called TeaCrine) activates your dopamine receptors. This will improve your mood and create an association between working out and feeling good.

That will help keep you working out for a long time!

Gamma-aminobutyric acid, GABA, is a neurotransmitter that reduces fear and anxiety and improves focus while boosting the creation of your growth hormones.

The other ingredients do similar things as well.

Whew. That’s a lot of benefits.

Click here to see the full list of ingredients

Does Mr Hyde Work?preworkout with stimulant

Oh yeah, it does.

Perhaps a little bit too well.

Mr. Hyde, like any monster, is not for the faint of heart.

It gets you pumped up for your workout and believe me, that workout may not be enough to bring you back down to Earth.

Something like the Simply Fit board may not be enough to challenge you! A workout aimed at your triceps, however…

Mr. Hyde NitroX provides a serious boost for serious workouts.

What Did I Like?

I like the fact that it works. And it works well.

After you take this pre-workout you feel stronger, you feel more energetic, and you feel more focused.

Once you start working out, you feel the pump more strongly as well.

It kicks your workouts into overdrive.

What else can I say?

What Did I Not Like?

I’m not a fan of the Yohimbe bark extract.

caffeine overdose cup of coffee off limits too much

That cup of coffee is off limits after taking a dose of Mr. Hyde!

There’s some evidence that it can help with fat loss and maybe erectile dysfunction.

However, that evidence is scant, and there seems to me to be more evidence that people are having negative reactions to the herb.

So, I wish it wasn’t in there. And I say that as someone who sometimes recommends herbs, such as ginseng.

Also, Mr. Hyde contains way too much caffeine for me to be comfortable with it. Over 400 milligrams of caffeine!

You’re not supposed to so much as think about drinking a cup of tea or coffee while taking this stuff!

Finally, the taste.

All of the flavor names sound sweet as heck. They smell wonderful. I’d rather sip a shot of cheap whisky.


For me, the downsides outweigh the benefits.

If I take that much caffeine at once, woah boy, I won’t ever get to sleep.

Plus there’s my concern about Yohimbe.

However, there are many people who do well with Mr. Hyde.

So, if you’re already used to energy drinks and aren’t concerned about Yohimbe (of which there is, admittedly, very little), go ahead and try Mr. Hyde NitroX.

You can get it in 10 different flavors, from Cotton Candy to Pixie Dust.

Pro Supps Candy Shoppe Flavor Dr Jekyll NitroX Low Stimulant Pre Workout Supplement

For a low-stimulant pre-workout, try Dr. Jekyll

However, if you have heart or blood pressure issues, forget it.

Even with the pro-heart ingredients, there’s still too much caffeine.

They also recommend talking with your doctor if you have any number of a large assortment of issues, including depression or glaucoma!

Finally, this pre-workout is not for newbies or people working to lose weight. It’s for people who are already fit and want to get more fit.

Still, I’d recommend starting with half a scoop. That was enough for me!

Oh, and don’t take it for an evening workout unless you want to stay awake until your morning class.


Thankfully, Pro Supps hasn’t left me in the lurch. They have a low-stimulant version called Dr. Jekyll.

Like Mr. Hyde, it’s available in older and newer formulations. It contains only 100 mg of caffeine and no Yohimbe.

This makes it safer for people new to fitness.

I definitely prefer Dr. Jekyll over Mr. Hyde.

Another good pre-workout supplement is Bucked Up. You can read that review here!

Mr Hyde Pre Workout Review