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The PHUL Workout: A Great Routine for Power and Hypertrophy!

When you’re a fitness beginner it’s okay to go to the gym and do a circuit where you hit every muscle in one trip. Once you’re more experienced, then you’ll want to start into a split routine. Split routines focus on certain parts of your body every time you visit the gym. For example, the […]

Bench Press – Ultimate Guide

Ah, the bench press. Visit any gym in the country with free weights and you’ll see at least one person bench pressing. It’s one of the top three weightlifting exercises, partially because it distills the lifter’s art: You take a heavy weight and use your body’s power to overcome gravity. Bench pressing is simple and […]

The Overhead Press: A Definitive Guide

One of the most divisive lifts is the overhead press. Simply stated, an OHP is when you push weight straight up, over your head. Gymgoers frequently argue over whether the OHP is really a “functional strength” move. How often do you lift weights over your head in the real world? I’ve done it a few […]

The Ultimate Guide to Squats

Squats are one of the major movements in strength training. They stand with the bench press as an exercise almost everyone should do. Not only do squats work your legs but they have benefits for most of your body, especially your core! Done properly, a squat brings many benefits. Done poorly and squats waste your […]

Hammer Curls

There are few muscles as obvious as your biceps. Nearly everyone appreciates and desires chiseled abs, but the moment you toss on a shirt they go away. You also need a rather low body fat percentage to see them. Lats are another great muscle to show off but also rely on you standing around with […]

Best Resistance Bands Exercises (at Home or at the Gym)

I love resistance bands. If you’re a busy person or you like to travel a lot, it can be difficult to find the time or space to work out. Resistance bands, though? You can keep them in your car or your backpack for an effective workout, anywhere! Even in between classes at school! Plus, your […]

The Best Beginner’s PPL Workout Routine

There are many different workout routines out there. Too many, in fact. Starting Strength. Ice Cream Fitness. NerdFitness. And random routines on random workout forums. It seems as if every single gym-goer not only came up with their own routine but also loves to share it with the internet. But not all of those are […]

HIIT Workout for Stationary Bikes

Some people like to bike to work or school. Or they like to hop on a bicycle to travel some trails, be they paved and in a park or up and down a mountain. Good for them! Biking is good exercise and keeps smog out of the air since you’re not taking a car everywhere. […]

2 Simple HIIT Workouts for the StairMaster

“Don’t skip leg day!” is an oft-repeated mantra you should follow. But what’s the best type of leg day? Is it nothing but heavy squats? How about a day spent walking in the wilderness (or across the parking lot)? Those can both be good, but few things exercise your legs like stairs. When it comes […]

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