Naked Nutrition’s NAKED GOAT Protein Powder Review

Naked Nutrition Goat Whey Protein Powder Review

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Ease of Blending



  • High-quality ingredients
  • More easily digested than cow whey
  • Less allergenic than cow whey
  • Better tasting than goat whey alternatives


  • Difficulty dissolving
  • Expensive


Let’s get this out of the way:

I love this stuff.

The rest of this article will basically be me gushing about NAKED GOAT and explaining why I like it so much.

Now, it’s not a perfect product, but it’s still a very good one.

If you can’t or won’t consume normal cow milk whey protein then I’d advise you to look at NAKED GOAT. Even if your wallet gives you dirty looks when it sees the price.

But first, why should you care about goat milk protein in the first place?

Goat Whey Protein Vs Cow Whey Protein

Some people stick with “normal” whey protein made from cow’s milk, and that’s fine.

But there are many reasons to consider whey protein from goat milk. Let’s look at those, ranked in order of importance.

You’re Allergic to Cow’s Milk But Not Goat’s Milk

This is the unfortunate predicament of a friend of mine.

Why drink goat milk protein shake instead of cow dairy

He’s into fitness and likes using protein powders. However, he’s allergic to any form of bovine dairy.

Whether it’s butter, whey, or a latte, cow dairy gives causes a histamine reaction.


Sure, there are non-cow protein alternatives. Plant-based protein can be excellent, but rare is the plant protein powder that’s not high in carbs.

Egg white protein powder is also very effective. However, it’s also very expensive.

Goat’s milk whey gives you all the goodness of cow protein powder without causing him an allergic reaction.

And yes, that’s not the same as lactose intolerance.

You’re Lactose Intolerant

Goat dairy is known to be okay for people with lactose intolerance.

Some cow whey protein powders are, too.

But only whey protein isolate.

Whey protein concentrate can send someone with lactose intolerance to the nearest bathroom.

However, with goat milk protein, you don’t need to read the fine print to see whether or not your protein powder potentially contains lactose.

You’re Concerned About Your Protein’s Healthfulness

Healthy dairy goat happy smart nutritious milk benefits

Happy animals produce healthy milk and NAKED GOAT comes from happy goats

Pastured animals produce higher quality milk with less potential contamination.

Conventional dairy cattle are fed corn and soy, which are not the natural diet of grass-munching cattle.

Their milk suffers in quality from this.

Sure, you can get whey protein from grass-fed cattle.

All of the goats tapped for NAKED’s milk are pastured, which encompasses both grass-fed and being let loose in a natural environment.

It’s a double whammy of healthiness for the goats, which transfers into healthy milk for you!

Cow Milk Whey Gives You Protein Farts

I’ve talked about whey toots before.

Basically, your stomach may not be able to easily digest large doses of cow whey protein, so some of it ferments, so you end up crop dressing your crush at the gym.

You can avoid embarrassments like that by using goat whey protein instead.

Goat dairy proteins are smaller and more easily digested. Goat whey also contains prebiotic oligosaccharides which feed your gut bacteria and gives them the strength to power through digestion.

How About That NAKED GOAT, Though?

IngredientsNAKED GOAT grass fed goat whey protein powder no additives

  • Calories per serving: 110
  • Protein: 23g
  • Total Fats: 0.5g
  • Total Carbs: 2g
  • Sugars: 1g

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What about this specific goat whey protein?

NAKED GOAT is not my first foray into goat protein powders. My first was tera’swhey goat protein powder. NAKED GOAT blows tera’swhey out of the water, though.

It comes in a massive two-pound plastic container. Seriously, it looks much larger than two pounds of powder should look.

Then you scoop it and realize why:

It’s fluffy!

This is the fluffiest protein powder I’ve ever used. This is not a heavy, dense powder.

This explains why you need to use three scoops for a full serving, too.

The only ingredient in NAKED GOAT is whey protein concentrate. It even lacks an emulsifier, which I’ll touch on later.

That whey protein concentrate comes from dairy goats in Wisconsin. They all live on small farms, so you don’t contribute to Big Ranch’s CAFOs.

Naturally, it’s GMO, soy, and gluten-free. It’s also processed without acid, bleach, and heat, so the protein isn’t degraded before it gets to you.

What I LikedNAKED GOAT BCAA amino acid profile protein contents goodness inside

First of all, this is the best tasting goat milk protein powder I’ve ever tried.

It doesn’t really taste goat-y, which is one of the major complaints about most goat dairy.

The tera’swhey goat milk protein powder is tangy, so I need to mix it with another powder (typically Sunwarrior’s Warrior Blend in my case) if I want to enjoy the experience.

However, I can enjoy NAKED GOAT by itself!

So, it’s a great way to get enough protein without having to force yourself to chug a foul-tasting shake.

I’ve also experienced none of the protein fart “goodness” I’ve had from some whey protein shakes.

What I Didn’t Like

Many protein powders contain an ingredient such as soy or sunflower lecithin. That lecithin is an emulsifier, which helps the powder dissolve into a liquid.

NAKED GOAT doesn’t have an emulsifier, which makes dissolving it “fun”.

I’ve had success blending it into water in a BlenderBottle but that’s almost a workout in and of itself.

You also don’t want to try stirring NAKED GOAT into a glass of liquid unless there’s headspace to spare. This powder foams up more than an IPA in a poorly-washed beer glass!

As far as negatives go, this is minor and even amusing.

It’s also not a problem if you do mix NAKED GOAT with another protein powder.


NAKED GOAT isn’t for everyone.

If you’re happy with your normal cow whey protein powder, you don’t need to switch. Save your money.

However, if you’re allergic to cow dairy or want something easier to digest then give NAKED GOAT a shot!


  • Ingredients: 5/5. It has just one ingredient: high-quality goat milk whey concentrate from happy goats.
  • Taste: 4/5. It’s more neutral tasting than other goat whey shakes I’ve had but doesn’t make it onto the list of best tasting protein powders.
  • Value: 3.5/5. NAKED GOAT is expensive, but you do get a lot.
  • Ease of Blending: 3.5/5. There are no emulsifiers so you have to do a lot of shaking and end up with a lot of foam. Still, I’ve had worse shakes.
  • Overall: 4/5. NAKED GOAT isn’t perfect but it’ll be a great choice for a lot of people.


While I love NAKED GOAT, there are some other good alternatives out there.teraswhey tera's whey goat protein powder alternative choice

I’ve already mentioned tera’swhey. While I riff on that protein here, I do still like it (when mixed with other protein powders).

tera’swhey is more economical than NAKED GOAT and takes up much less space on my shelf.

Seriously, this NAKED GOAT jug reminds me of a cat knocking my other supplements off the ledge.

As for a vegan alternative, I’m a big fan of Sunwarrior’s Warrior Blend.

It contains slightly more carbs and fat for the same amount of protein but is delicious and supports your weight-lifting habit.


Cow milk whey dairy is the reigning champion of protein powders, but there are many contenders to the throne.

If you can’t consume cow dairy or don’t want to then NAKED GOAT is an excellent whey protein powder that tastes surprisingly neutral, even if it foams like a raccoon with rabies.

Even if you like cow whey, give NAKED GOAT a try. Your stomach will thank you!