Does the Simply Fit Board Really Work? (And Where to Buy One)

Simply Fit Board Review

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Simply Fit Board


Workout Potential







  • Suprising amount of potential workouts
  • Fun!
  • Effective at more than just balance training


  • Price can vary wildly
  • Some people report cracks even with light weight


A few years ago, some hopeful person went on the show Shark Tank with a silly workout equipment idea.

That was the Simply Fit board, and it took off.

Perhaps you saw the board on Shark Tank.

Maybe, like me, you survived a barrage of Simply Fit infomercials in the wee hours of the night.

Or perhaps you saw the device on the shelves of a store and thought to yourself, “Huh. Is that worth the money?”

The answer surprised me, and it may surprise you as well!

What is the Simply Fit Board?simply fit board review does it work green

I originally thought that the Simply Fit board was another gimmicky product, designed more to lighten wallets than shrink waists.

It turns out I was wrong.

The Simply Fit board comes from a lineage of fitness products that work, known as balance boards.

A balance board is a board with a fulcrum in the middle. They kinda look like skateboards, except without the wheels.

It’s hard to stand still on a balance board because of the small point of contact with the ground, so you have to constantly control your balance.

Balance boards, or wobble boards, have been used for years by many people.

Snowboarders practice with them so they don’t fall off the slopes.simply fit board wobble balance board workout exercise

Acrobats exhibit great feats of balance by stacking multiple balance boards on each other.

But balance boards are not just for the experienced!

People who have injured their lower body, especially their ankles, often see great improvements after using a balance board.

The elderly can also see great returns from working on their balance. The extra stability can protect against debilitating falls.

You can even improve your posture with a balance board!

On top of this, the Simply Fit board is not just any old balance board.

What Does it Do?

The Simply Fit board is a balance board with a rehabilitation balance board for women


The bottom of it is spherical, so you can twist side-to-side in addition to wobbling left-and-right.

This is a small change but it has big potential repercussions.

The twisting motion adds a whole extra axis to the workouts you can do on a Simply Fit board.

This gives it all of the benefits of a traditional balance board and then some.

How Does it Work?

The intrinsic imbalance of balance boards forces you to use more of your muscles to stay upright.

When you’re standing still, parts of your body are at rest. They are unengaged.

When you’re seated, even more of your muscles are slacking off.

But when you’re standing on a balance board, all of those stabilizer muscles need to get to work!

More than that, twisting on the Simply Fit board provides one of the least impactful of the low-impact workouts I can think of.

Your feet go one way and your chest another.

Then you stop the motion and move your bits in the opposite direction.

Continue for several minutes.

It doesn’t seem like much, but just a few minutes of twisting back and forth will cause your abs to burn and your heart rate to increase!

All while not impacting any joints or taking you out of the comfort of your dorm room.

Things I Liked

The Simply Fit board is a small piece of equipment that stores well and can be used anywhere you have room for a chair.

Seeing all of those people twisting on TV seemed silly to me, but it’s actually a pretty fun activity to do.balance training dumbbells on balance board men

And it’s surprisingly effective at raising your heart rate and working out your core!

Another point in its favor is that you can twist on the Simply Fit board while doing something else, such as watching silly videos on YouTube.

You can also use it like a traditional balance board to improve your workouts.

Dumbbell presses can be challenging enough.

Wait until you do them while focusing on keeping your balance!

You’ll feel the burn in areas you didn’t know could burn.

I especially like doing push-ups on the board.

That raises the exercise to a whole new level.

Things I Didn’t Like

The Simply Fit board is not all sunshine and roses.

simply fit board yoga mat cushion protection carpet hardwood friction

Or you can buy a mat dedicated to your board

You can’t twist it on every surface.

I wouldn’t recommend it even on surfaces they recommend.

For example, they recommend using your board on carpet.

Well, twisting back and forth causes a lot of friction, which can burn your carpet!

So I’d recommend putting a yoga mat under your Simply Fit board.

Also, some people have reported that their Simply Fit board started to crack and break rather quickly.

The board supposedly handles up to 400 pounds but these people were under 200.

I haven’t had that problem but it’s something to keep in mind.

Does it Really Work?

Yes!simply fit board workout routine exercise push up

Even ignoring the twisting gimmick, balance boards are effective at improving your balance and posture as well as burning fat.

In fact, the Mayo Clinic recommends working on your balance, and a balance board is an easy way to do just that.

Now, add in the low-impact cardio you get from twisting, and the Simply Fit board becomes a good addition to your workout regime.

Where to Buy the Simply Fit Board

I’ve seen the Simply Fit board for sale on TV, at Bed Bath & Beyond, and in Walmart.

I’d recommend buying it through Amazon, though.

That’s because it’s almost always discounted there, so you can save a handful of dollars over buying it in person.

Should You Get the DVD Too?

Simply Fit has produced three workout DVDs to go along with your Simply Fit board.simply fit board core and buns 21 day program low impact workout dvd

Honestly, I’m not as excited about them as I am about the board itself.

But that’s because I like to put my workouts together myself instead of following someone else’s routine.

If you like to follow along with a workout though, then the DVDs are a good choice.

They’re not too expensive and are better than many workout videos I’ve watched!

There’s one for beginners and seniors, for those of you who need your hand held.

That’s not a bad thing. Everyone starts somewhere, and it’s better to start slow than to go too fast and burn yourself out!

There’s another DVD that focuses on the core and butt.

Everyone appreciates a good butt.

The last DVD is a 21-day challenge that also includes a nutrition guide.

On the other hand, Simply Fit has a series of workout videos you can watch for free on YouTube!


Before I tried out the Simply Fit board, my recommendation would have been to save your money and try some other workout.solofit fitness alternative balance board elastic bands competitor

However, now that I’ve tried it, then I do recommend the Simply Fit board!

It’s a more capable version of a balance board which you can use alone or as part of a complete workout.

Everyone from total newbies to seasoned bodybuilders could benefit from some balance training.

There are some copycats out there, but most of them are not worth the money.

One I would also recommend is the Solofit balance board, which does everything the Simply Fit does while also including holes to which you can attach resistance bands.

It’s slightly more expensive but it has a little more variety of exercises as well!