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Lunges vs Squats

Debates rage all over the internet about which leg-based movement is superior. Some people hail the squat, an Olympic movement involving heavy weights that hits both legs at once. Other people hold up the lunge, which is more dynamic, tests your stabilizer muscles, and doesn’t require heavy weights. This is a simple question without a […]

The Best In Home Cardio Machines for Losing Weight

If you want to lose weight, there are two basic actions you need to take: Eat less and move more. For a lot of us, moving more is the difficult portion. Society compels us to sit. We sit in class. We sit at the computer. We sit to eat. We sit, sit, sit. Cardio is […]


Never skip leg day. That’s a classic piece of advice often thrown around in jest. It’s true, though. But a bad leg day is worse than skipping leg day. So, how do you ensure you have a good leg day? For most people, the central movement will be squats, and for good reason. They’re effective […]

Hammer Curls

There are few muscles as obvious as your biceps. Nearly everyone appreciates and desires chiseled abs, but the moment you toss on a shirt they go away. You also need a rather low body fat percentage to see them. Lats are another great muscle to show off but also rely on you standing around with […]

15 Types of Creatine: Which is the Best?

Creatine is one of the three most commonly-recommended workout supplements, for good reason. It stands alongside protein powders and pre-workouts as a supplement most gym-goers will try at least once. Many will go on to use creatine regularly. Because it works. But it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed by the many forms of creatine […]

When to Do a HIIT Routine

Cardio exercises are often the first thing people do when trying to lose weight, along with other changes. Get off of the computer chair and go for a walk! It’ll do you some good. But while cardio is a good start, adding other changes will improve your results. Such as eating properly and lifting weights. […]

Should You Workout Everyday?

There are a lot of aspects to learn when starting down the path of fitness. How do I exercise properly? What muscles should I workout together? Should I eat before a workout if I want to lose weight? One of the more confusing questions is whether or not you should work out every day. The […]

The Best Beginner’s PPL Workout Routine

There are many different workout routines out there. Too many, in fact. Starting Strength. Ice Cream Fitness. NerdFitness. And random routines on random workout forums. It seems as if every single gym-goer not only came up with their own routine but also loves to share it with the internet. But not all of those are […]

Mr Hyde Pre Workout Review

  Long ago, a fella named Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a novella called The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The Jekyll guy was mild-mannered but, after drinking a potion, turned into Mr. Hyde, who was a monster of a man. Monsters tend to be strong. And what’s the goal of weightlifting? Strength! […]

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