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When to Do a HIIT Routine

Cardio exercises are often the first thing people do when trying to lose weight, along with other changes. Get off of the computer chair and go for a walk! It’ll do you some good. But while cardio is a good start, adding other changes will improve your results. Such as eating properly and lifting weights. […]

Should You Workout Everyday?

There are a lot of aspects to learn when starting down the path of fitness. How do I exercise properly? What muscles should I workout together? Should I eat before a workout if I want to lose weight? One of the more confusing questions is whether or not you should work out every day. The […]

The Best Beginner’s PPL Workout Routine

There are many different workout routines out there. Too many, in fact. Starting Strength. Ice Cream Fitness. NerdFitness. And random routines on random workout forums. It seems as if every single gym-goer not only came up with their own routine but also loves to share it with the internet. But not all of those are […]

Mr Hyde Pre Workout Review

  Long ago, a fella named Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a novella called The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The Jekyll guy was mild-mannered but, after drinking a potion, turned into Mr. Hyde, who was a monster of a man. Monsters tend to be strong. And what’s the goal of weightlifting? Strength! […]

How to Take BCAA Supplements

When you start looking at health supplements, you get bombarded with many funky words. Creatine! GABA! Nitric oxide! BCAAs! You almost need a chemistry degree to be a fitness enthusiast! Not quite, though. I’m here for you. A few of those I’ve talked about before. Today, let’s look at BCAAs. Should you take BCAAs? If […]

Venus Factor Diet Review – Does it Really Work?

  There is a whole slew of diet programs out there which are better at lightening your wallet than trimming your waistline. The other day, my girlfriend found the Venus Factor diet. She was intrigued and started to try it out. Now, this is not her first foray into fitness. In fact, she is a […]

Should You Take Pre Workout Before Running or Cardio?

Pre-workout supplements are a good way to step up your game and hit the weights so hard they’ll fly into space. However, they are not for everyone. Perhaps more importantly, they may not be good in every situation. An oft-asked question is whether or not pre-workouts are good for cardio, running, swimming, or other similar […]

The Best Muscle Groups to Workout Together and Maximize Your Gains!

Except for your tongue, no muscle works alone. When your biceps contract, your triceps relax, and vice versa. Also, some muscles synergize with others to help them out. What does this have to do with you? If you want more effective workouts, exercise your muscles in groups! By grouping the target muscles in a workout, […]

How to Build Muscles Faster at Home

If you want to get fit, chances are that you want to build more muscles. That’s true even if you want to burn fat. Muscles require calories, even while resting! But, many people think that you need to go to the gym to get strong quickly. Or that you can work out at home, but […]

Best Pre Workout Meals for Muscle Gain

Like fueling your car before a race or studying before a test, you should feed your body before working out. When improperly fed, your workout and recovery suffers. Your glycogen stores won’t be full so you can’t push as hard. Then, after the workout, your muscles may enter a catabolic state and eat themselves for […]

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