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Best Triceps Workout for Mass and Size

Anyone who has ever gone to the gym for, say, an HIIT workout, has seen a nearly endless sea of guys doing nothing but bicep work. Curls for the gurls, they might say. Bringing that dumbbell up then back down. Pick up heavy things and put them back down. Sure, big biceps are nice. But […]

HIIT Workout for Runners

I haven’t met a runner who didn’t want to run better. Perhaps they wanted to run faster. Or they wanted to be able to run further. All of them wanted to be better runners. Improving your running seems easy, right? Just run a little faster or further each time? Sure, that’ll get your times down. […]

Good Workout for Forearms

There are a few muscle groups everyone thinks of when they want to look good. Nearly everyone wants six-pack abs. Guys frequently also want big bulging biceps. But don’t leave out your forearms! A strong grip is a wonderful thing to have. But forearms are also some of your most frequently seen muscles and guys, […]

Dumbbell Workout for Lats

Do you want wings? Working out can do many things for you. Weight loss. More strength. A healthier body. It can even improve your mood. Oh, and with the right routine, you can develop wings! They won’t let you fly but you’ll be stronger and look better! Plus, you won’t need to drink any silly […]

HIIT Workouts to do at the Gym

HIIT workouts are pretty darn effective at building endurance, strength, and a sweet toned bod. They’re also pretty darn tough. But that means that you get an hour and a half of exercise done in twenty minutes. Or less! Sounds pretty good, right? I mean, it took me that long to walk to class sometimes. […]

Best Exercises for Getting Rid of Belly Fat

Back when I was a teenager, I could eat whatever I wanted. A pizza a day? No problem! But shortly after I went to college, I noticed something odd. My pants were getting tighter. And I had to use a different notch on my belt. My stomach was expanding! This raised the age-old question: “What […]


How to Stay Fit as a Full Time Student Early mornings, late nights, endless studying, stressful exams… Don’t you love the student life? All of this stress makes it easy for us to cave in and make unhealthy choices and eventually leads us into a very damaging lifestyle. To put it in perspective, 70% of college […]


Change Up Your Routine & Break Through Plateaus! Too often I find that we get into the routine of things and tend to shy away from change. In the gym this can prevent you from breaking through plateaus and maximizing strength/hypertrophy gains. One of the key principles to continual growth within the gym is to change […]


Burn More Calories at School Sadly we’ve become the most sedentary generation yet to exist. Think about how much of your day you spend sitting. You probably sit during your commute to school, sit all throughout your classes, sit some more during breaks and then sit even more when you’re home to study! All of […]

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